Top 10 Digital Marketing Agencies in Bhutan

Digital Marketing Agencies in Bhutan is growing rapidly in Bhutan and from social media to SEO to content to email to advertising, digital marketing involves marketing your business online. The number of digital marketing agencies in Bhutan is growing and it is very important to know which one is the best for your services and which to choose according to what do you need digital marketing services for. 

And in this blog I have made a lists of top 10 digital marketing agencies that are available in Bhutan. Hope this can be of your help and find what you are looking for. 

Blue Dragon Digital Marketing Agency 

Blue Dragon is Bhutan’s leader in comprehensive digital marketing. Their team of experienced digital marketers have expertise in all channels of online marketing like website designing, content writing, SEO, Facebook ads and provides a simple results-driven approach. 

Address: Thimphu Tech Park, Thimphu Bhutan, Thimphu 1101

Contact No. +975 17197101




Blue Dragon digital marketing. Digital marketing agencies in bhutan

iDRUK Digital Marketing Agency 

At iDRUK Solutions they can offer you a wide range of specialist services to meet all of your business needs. Their board experience and knowledge includes a mix of business-to-business and business-to-customer clients. They pride themselves on diversity and their customers are a representation of their board expertise. Alternatively if you would rather talk in person then call Mr. Victor on (+975-17784836) and he will be happy to discuss with you and talk you through any factors you may not understand.  

Address: Thimphu Bhutan

Contact No. +975 17784836:


iDRUK Digitatl Marketing Agency. Digital Marketing Agencies in Bhutan


GoConvert’s step-by-step guide to digital marketing in Bhutan can help. They have broken it into two parts: infrastructure and campaigning. The first part is based on our experiencing launching localized marketing assets in Bhutan. The second is based on customer campaigns they have run in Bhutan and elsewhere in the world. Together, they hope this guide not only adds to the growing body of work concerned with Bhutan marketing but stands as the clearest and most comprehensive Bhutan marketing guide available.

Address: Thimphu Bhutan

Contact No. +975 17685946


Tshomo Digital Agency

Tshomo Digital Agency is one of the renown digital marketing agency in Bhutan. Tshering Tshomo the founder of Tshomo Digital Agency and her agency have a team of expert in all channels of digital marketing and social media marketing. Her agency deals with all kinds of projects and is the most trusted and reliable agency in Bhutan. If you have any projects in your mind you wont regret working with Tshomo Digital Agency. 

Address: Trashigang Bhutan

Contact no. +975 17516024


Lekzang Digital Marketing Agency

This youngest digital marketing freelancer from Thimphu, Bhutan also owns Digital Marketing Agency, and she  is a digital marketing expert and famous for trends in her city. With over an years of experience in digital world she is now the best digital marketing freelancer and one of the most earning digital agency in her city and she is expert in SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing, and website designing. 

Address: Thimphu Bhutan

Contact No. 17583016


Lekzang Wangmo. Digital Marketing Agencies in Bhutan

Chocki Digital Agency

Chocki Wangchuk is founder of and the best digital marketing agency from Paro. He spend most of his time designing websites and running campaign for social media ads. He is always available for any project and delivers the best outcome from his work. He never lets his clients unhappy.

Address: Paro Bhutan

Contact No. 77461527


Chocki Wangchuk

Karma Choden Digital Marketing Agency 

After completing her years of training from Mohit Rathi Acadamy she started her own digital marketing agency. She is an expert in all channels of online marketing and custom designing. She also manages social media campaigns, SEO, and SEM.

Address: Thimphu Bhutan

Contact No. 17261687


Karma Choden

Digital Agency Jamtsho

Jamtsho Dorji also known as Digital Jamtsho is the founder of He is the most passionate digital marketing freelancer and owns one of the best Digital Marketing Agencies in Bhutan. He also owns an agency but he is more into freelancing and he is the most trusted digital marketing freelancing throughout the Bhutan.

Address: Trashigang Bhutan

Contact. 17545637



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