Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses in Bhutan

In a country like Bhutan, it is very difficult to find a good courses related to digital marketing. Bhutan is being left behind compared to other countries when it comes to technologies and developments. So for that reason Bhutan don’t have much ideas about Digital Marketing. But now, Bhutan is coping up with the new marketing strategies that is digitalizing the business. So in this blog I have made a lists of top 10 digital marketing courses in Bhutan from where you can learn in details about digital marketing and be a top digital marketers. 

1) De-Suung Skilling Program:

De-Suung Skilling Program is His Majesties project mainly stablished to provide opportunities for the youth  to enhance their skills and capabilities so that they can participate even more meaningfully in the process of nation building. 

So under DSP( Desuung Skilling Program) there are 13 ongoing programs and one of them is Digital Marketing course for a duration of 4 months. DSP is series of high-quality and impactful trainings where only the best of the best trainers are being hired from across the globe. So by far reason De-Suung Skilling Program (DSP) is one of the best institute for learning Digital Marketing Courses in Bhutan.


Chhundu training institute are Bhutan’s official TOEFL Test Center. They conduct upto two tests a day five to six times a month. TOEFL classes are available four times in a day and they are all online. Their lecturers are the first TOEFL certified in the country.

Their IELTS modular classes are catered to focus on areas where Bhutanese tend to score lower in. Their trainers will work specially with you on Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking.

CTI’s two month digital marketing course will open the door for employment with Blue Dragon Digital Marketing, Bhutan’s first FDI Digital Company based at the Thmiphu Tech Park.

3) Blue Dragon Digital Marketing:

Blue Dragon is one of the Bhutan’s leader in digital marketing. Their team of experienced digital marketers have expertise in all channels of online marketing and provide a simple results-driven approach.

Blue Dragon is one of the best Digital Marketers in Bhutan and lists as the top 10 digital marketing courses in Bhutan. Bhutan’s leading digital marketer and the best custom designer. Their team have experts in content writing, website designing, SEO, SEM, and running Facebook ads and google ads.

4) iBEST Bhutan:

iBEST is an excellence training institution and consulting firm based in Thimphu. Since their humble inception in August 2014, they have trained more than 400 people in various capacities from diverse professional backgrounds and offered their consulting services to about 150 clients.

They at iBEST believe that Bhutan is at turning point, and all of their actions today pave the path to their future. Their greatest aspiration is that they work today is meaningful and contributes to their immense success as a nation in the future. Their vision of Bhutan tomorrow, and their deep commitment to nation guides them in everything they does.

With this mind, they have embarked on a mission to empower the Bhutanese economy, by enabling individuals, organizations and businesses to be the best they can be. iBEST aims to empower professionals, youth and communities through relevant skills development programs abreast of time and workforce requirement in Bhutan and beyond.

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